In a constantly changing business, simply offering a product is not enough - you must guarantee a service. Our offices are, above all, a group of people who want to serve you in a professional, helpful way. The relationship we build with our customers is based on transparency, clarity and cooperation. Our technical, administrative and sales departments are always available to understand and resolve any problems and come up with innovative solutions. We firmly believe that the true spirit of a company lies with the people who work for it.

That is why you will always find someone at Porfido Elit who has a positive, constructive attitude and sets the highest quality standards so that we can meet your requirements in the best possible way. The shipping department has a wide range of packaging materials to guarantee safe, damage-free shipping. Porfido Elit supplies its customers promptly, efficiently and precisely on a daily basis through an extremely well organised logistics department that uses its own vehicles as well as those belonging to trusted partners in the business.

The company is extremely proud of the speed with which it deals with orders, something that guarantees extremely precise distribution.